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I ordered the Bushnell 3-9 x 40mm Firefly Reticle Riflescope (Matte) finish, not the silver.

Let's see......they said: "The price should have been $4,299.99

We will therefore be canceling your order "for this item" immediately.

We have already changed our site at this time to the correct price."

Search of website shows the corrected price now listed at $189.99 not $4,299.99.

The link below is what they sent me as their correction link. (Pioneer.... Not even Close to the right item).

The above link came back as :

Pioneer PRVLX1DD Dual Drive Professional DVD-Video Recorder, Priced at $5,299.99.

Where did they get this from???

I am sure that when they got orders for 12,584 units within the last 24 hrs, somebody figured it out.

However, based on their above performance, I will still check my mail box for the next few days.

*** I have ordered from them before and got a great price on a GPS and everything was perfect.

OK..That's done, Whats the next big deal of the century up for our taking on
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