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An awesome time...

Thank you everyone who made my (and my girlfriend's) Saturday so much fun. It was exciting, informative, and interesting. We had a wonderful time and can't wait for the next meet! Everyone was friendly and willing to share/talk. It was an awesome first-time gun rally experience for us.

Special thanks to Jamie, Jason (JSHolsters), Mike (Corbon), Jody (Mr. Photographer), the RO's, and Water & Wings.

I enjoyed meeting new people, learning more about guns (especially my older pistols - thanks Bill), and getting to shoot something different. I stood back and watched everyone/everything for a while at first, sort of absorbing all the new sights and guns and people, and then got more involved. Over the course of the afternoon, through observation, I also learned something very important that will help me mentally and emotionally at the range (and in general) from now on. Thanks everyone for that much-needed realization!

The Rally Point was an awesome meet! We're looking forward to the next one! Thanks again!
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