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Indeed a big thanks to Mike Shovel for bringing out the 500 S&W & 460 Ruger Mags with LOTS of Corbon ammo for everyone to try out. Also for the gel testing of the Corbon ammo! Very impressive stuff. That 500 mag is a handful to say the least, I think I will stick with my little 44mag

A big thank you to Jason Schafer (I think you are the one that was giving the shooting part of the UT CCW course?) for helping out novice shooters, with saftey and learning better shooting in general.

A big thanks to Jamie, and Mr. K80 (aka Geoff Ross) for putting this together. Everyone should thank Mr. K80 for taking nearly the WHOLE day to man the sign in table, and barely going to the firing line at all (well other than to try out and M1 Carbine and the 500 S&W, and 460 Ruger that Mike Shovel brought).

A big thank you to the Range Officers that helped to ensure that everyone followed the 4 rules.
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