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The Rally Point-August 20th After Action Report

After Action Report:

What a success!!

We had a record breaking 56 people come out.

A very special thanks to the sponsors:

Jason Schafer of for running the Utah CCW course and the Glock pistolsmith course. Another special thanks for everyone that worked the JSholsters table and volunteered their time to helping out on the range.

Thanks to Fernando Coelho of for also sponsoring the event. All of the giveaways were from the Amback store.

The Range Officers: Thanks to Ray Reno, Jay Kubick and George Tomko Sr.
Thanks to Dead (George Tomko Jr.) for not drinking all the Gatorade (and helping run the sign in booth).

A very special thanks to all of you for bringing out the toys, especially, Mike Shovel from for his contribution to the fun at the pistol range (and giving out all that ammo for us to test).

Most of us started out here at TFL and we've grown in numbers. Thanks to Rich Lucibella for the opportunity to even dwell here.

All in all it was a great day.

Lastly, we have been asked to bring our fun to a new grounds. The President of has invited us up to his club in Easton, PA to expand our territory.

The Rally Point gatherings may move to other gun clubs and ranges in the future.


Jamie Young

*edited* And a very special thanks to Dave Markowitz our designated legal advisor and Mike B for his photography.
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