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I was browsing for an ATV on ebay and found 4 different sellers from four different parts of the country using the exact same background for their photo's. They wanted to deal direct etc. and had a "Buy it now" posted at about 1/3 the value of the item. When I sent them email asking for details, (I was certain right away they were scammers) like where they lived and where I had to go to pick up the ATV's (ATV too big to ship unless using special arangements and crating etc.). I was told that the items were in a forign country and I pay something cheep like 90 bucks for shipping....Yea right. A new $7,000 item, delivered to my door for $2,900? And there were several availible they told me. :barf:

I contacted ebay through their formal complaint process (I delt directly with their fraud department) and they looked into this. They kept sending me vague progress reports and thanking me, as well as assuring me they are taking this very seriously.

Now for the best part.......(Remember, I was only browsing and not buying).

The very first thing ebay did was to freeze all of these sellers accounts and all of their auctions! Once they froze everything, it was like these sellers never exhisted. I had the auction/item numbers and searched everywhere for them. Even bookmarked them, they were gone! Completly disapeared!!!

I later found several other auctions selling brand new ATV's with the exact same garage door (with rust spots and broken handle) in the background of their photos. I blew them all in! Takes just one email (as I recall) of complaint and they get blasted right off ebay.

So I am thinking that if you are believe you are being scamed, contact ebay and they will shut them down.

In my case, I had not made a purchase. In your case, they should assist you in getting your money back and/or filing official charges against the seller. I do know for a fact, ebay will work with local, state and federal law enforcement.
I do have memory problems, but this is how I remember most of it from about a year ago.

I have heard something like ... Ebay is bigger than microsoft and all 3 US auto makers put together... .. I think? Also, paypal is an ebay company? They need to run a tight ship to stay on top.

If you used a credit card through paypal, call Visa or whoever you used and they will also go after these bottom feeders.

Computer fraud is huge business...Beware!

And again, as someone stated above, your problem could be just a simple mistake or communications problem.

Good luck and keep us advised.
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