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Cheap Local Ammunition for So.Cal shooters.

Hey, for all you people in Southern Cali, I just found a place in Cerritos called "Ammo Bros". Its kind of hidden away behind the 605 off/onramp by cerritos college. I found a link to the place online and went to go look through thier inventory. Theres alot of nice stuff there, they don't have a FFL yet but according to the owner they should have one by the end of the year. Prices for ammo there were really low, as far as I can recall it was about 95-100 for a 1000 rounds of ammo in a ammo can. Wolf ammo was $55 even for 500 rounds in 9mm and I think $65 for 500 rounds of 7.62. The prices here are just as good as any online ammo retailers (including natchezz) and if you live in cali you don't have to pay any shipping. They also sell gun cases of many varieties as well as stocks, scopes, and a ton of cheap reloading equipment.

[edit] forgot link O.o
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