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I have two BS-2s and two Raptors, so I reckon I have some input.

Both are excellent holsters that are both handmade with attention to detail. Overall quality between the two is a toss-up, in my opinion.

M/D (Mark THG) molds his holsters strictly by hand while Waldon (Mark W) molds by hand and with a press. The addition of the press seems to make for a more precise fit (I'm talkin' every little nook, cranny, and letter on the gun) and a thinner overall product.

I'm not familiar with what finishing processes the two Marks use, but they do differ. Mark THG's holsters are a bit softer than Mark W's when new. Both end up wearing down to about the same feel, though. Mark W's holsters have a shiney, hard-ish finish (don't really know how to describe it - Like a shellack? Doesn't crack or anything...), while Mark THG's are more of a dull, matte, softer finish.

As far as comparing the BS-2 vs. the Raptor, the BS-2 rides slightly higher, which can be good or bad.

The BS-2 is good in that it rides extremely high and doesn't require as long of a cover garment to conceal.

Here's where the high ride could be bad: If you're a fat-boy, unless you have some barrel on the gun, the butt of the gun will tend to push outwards. I had this problem with the Glock 30 in the BS-2, but not with my Glocks 19, 23, 27, and 36.

The Raptor works better for me with the Glock 30. It rides just a tad lower, allowing for a more evenly distributed ride.

As I said before, quality between the two is a toss-up. Whatever someone might choose would probably depend on personal preference.

Every Waldon holster is custom-built to order. My average wait for a Waldon product has been around 3.5 months, and it's well worth it.

From what I understand, Mark THG generally stocks the BS-2 for certain gun models. In other words, he make's them before anyone orders them (and I believe this is the only holster with which he does this). Therefore, you can get the BS-2 (for certain models) much quicker.

Prices ranges between M/D and Waldon are close. If Mark THG would ever move back to New Jersey, I could stop paying sales tax on everything I order from him, and that would bring the prices much closer - for Texans, at least. A BS-2 + Tax + Shipping = what I'd pay for a Raptor Defense set (holster and mag pouch).

If I were in your shoes, I'd get one of each. I still order from both of these guys. About 3 weeks ago, I took possession of my 3rd BS-2. A few days ago, I received a Sidewinder IWB and two belts (all excellent, by the way) from Waldon. My next holster will probably be a YCS from M/D. I don't even bother with store-bought leather anymore. All I need is M/D and Waldon.

Almost forgot about the mag pouches. I prefer the mag pouch that comes with Mark W's Raptor Defense set. Mark THG has two pouch designs, but the only one I've had has the flap of leather and a snap that goes over the back of the belt (I think it's the SBS for Single Belt Snap). I much prefer the belt slots on either side of the pouch - tucks it in tighter. Mark THG makes one like this, but I haven't seen one myself, so I really can't comment on its design.

Hope this helps.

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