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Mitch Rosen Express Line Review

Anybody that has dealt with Mitch Rosen Products know all about the wait. For one of his quality products, you can expect a wait of up to 6 months. Those that are patient enough to wait, receive a finely crafted holster, belt, mag holder, etc.

His products are of unsurpassed quality. Each holster is finely crafted with top of the line leather. Upon inspection, you notice they are rigid holsters. Currently, my inventory stands at roughly 8 Rosen holsters.

Recently, I purchased an Uncle Sal's Decision (USD) Express. The USD is an IWB holster. The Express Line was recently introduced by Mitch Rosen Products for lower cost, faster turn around time. I called up Mitch Rosen and talked to Nancy on the telephone. I asked Nancy what they had that was ready to ship because I didn't have the time for the long wait. She then proceeded to tell me about the USD. I ended buying the USD and a Tito's Revenge.

Then on Saturday (July 28th), I went to a gun show to purchase some Leather Lightening from one of Mitch's retailers (First American Ordnance). After talking to Marty (the owner) for a lengthy amount of time, I bought two bottles of Leather Lightening, a 5JR, double mag holder, two belts, and a Workman. The Workman is also an Express Line item.

Although the Express Line is one half the cost of the regular Rosen poducts, quality was not an issue. Both holsters are finely crafted. The USD is tan with Cuban Brown trim. The Workman is fully tan in color.
I applied the Leather Lightening and placed a full size 1911 into the USD. Ditto for the workman (except it's with a commander). After letting the 1911's sit in the holsters for 5 minutes. I placed the USD inside my pants. Now considering I'm 5'5" 115 lbs, the USD completely disappeared with a LIGHT T-shirt. I knew my Rosen ARG could be worn with a light T-shirt but I did not expect Rosen's Express Line to be as concealable. To my pleasant suprise and to the suprise of some of Marty's other customers, my skinny build hid the full-size 1911 without any problems.

I drew the 1911 several times. It was too early to tell you about the speed of the draw due to the holster being new. It will take a few days while I wear the holster with the Leather Lightening for complete break in. The Express Line is unlined and with the holster being new, it was somewhat slow. Marty stated that it would increase drastically once the holster is broken in. I know of others who purchased unlined Rosen holsters who swear by how fast they can draw with an unlined holster. I will find out for myself.

The Workman is an IWB tuckable holster. It's designed to be work strong side. The holster has a clip and then a leather section that allows the shirttail to slip into. Once you drop it down your pants and tuck in the shirt, the pistol completely disappears. I tried a full-size 1911 while at the show with the Workman. If I can wear a tuckable holster and conceal a full-size 1911 with my slender build, just about anybody can.

To conclude, the Express Line is great for those who wish to own a high quality holster but do not wish to either wait 4-6 months or pay the $110-165 price range. The USD cost me $85 (vs. $165 regular USD). The Workman was $90 (vs. $125-165 regular Workman).

For more information:
Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather, LLC
300 Bedford Street
Manchester, New Hampshiret 03101-1102
Web Site-Mitch Rosen Products
phone number- (603) 647-2971 Email- [email protected]


First American Ordnance
P.O. 976
Wilkes-Barre, PA, 18703-0976
web site- First American Ordnance
Information telephone number- 570-674-2093 Order telephone number- 1-800-982-4009
Email- [email protected]
They ship to just about everywhere.

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