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Hi JKnight,

I have a well worn one Mr. Rosen crafted for my 640 back in 1994. In fact, I'm wearing it as I write this. Recently my friend ordered an updated version for his Bodyguard and I acquired two (left and right) for my Kahr K-40.

This is my favorite of the pocket holsters as it's comfortable, stays put during the draw, and masks the shape of the gun by looking like a wallet. No one has ever asked me about the "wallet" in all the years I've carried it.

On important point thought. I do not care for one of the newer "improvements" Mr. Rosen has added. My old 640 version used soft black rubber on the flat outer face of the holster to ensure it stays put. Some complained about the rubber deteriorating with age. So he starting putting a layer of suede over the rubber which does absolutely nothing to help keep the holster in the pocket. My friend's Pocket Softy for his Bodyguard has this feature and I did not like it after trying it.

Mr. Rosen will leave the suede off if you ask as I did for my Kahr holsters. He seemed a bit stumped as to why I would want it that way, but it really does make a difference. Order the leather black as well and it will stay looking good for a longer period of time.

Good luck.

- Anthony
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