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I have one of those homak safes. It definately is not burglar proof, but may be enough to stop a burglar who didn't bring any tools or is in a hurry. It does work good for keeping guns dry. I just use a large dessicant pack, and that seems to work fine.

The most important thing to remember is that no safe is burglar proof. If you do keep your safe in the garage, it is very easy for a team of guys to backup a pickup and haul it off. The safe should be bolted to the ground or a wall. If this is not possible, possibly build something around it so that it can not be moved. The safe should be that last line of defense, not the first, in protecting your guns. Try to hide the safe as much as possible. If you have a spare room, put it in there and then buy a solid door, hinges, and door jam for the room, and us this door as your first line of defense. This could also be done for a closet. Most criminals will not go through a wall to get into another room. Even though it is easier to get through dry wall then a door, this fact doesn't probably cross the mind of the average criminal. Try to make any "lines of defense" as subtle as possibly so that they do not scream "expensive stuff behind here." Most important, when taking guns to and from a vehicle, make sure they can not be seen by anyone driving or walking by. If burglars do not know there are guns or a safe in the house, then they will probably not come prepared. There is a lot of other ways to protect your guns from theft, just use your head and be creative.
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