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let me start by saying that I saw these grips at the last SHOT show.
I asked Lew the owner of CTC if he needed some folks to beta test the grips.
I received my test sample of the grips about 4 weeks ago.
First impressions where that the interior was not finished, this was confimed to me by CTC. The beta sample was just that a sample.
The checkering on the grip panels is superb! not too rough at all but nicely done. the grips themselves are a hard plastic with a rubber finger groove section that connects them, Similar to the Pearce finger groove rubber thing.The grips appear to be an "overmolded " design in that the front pressure switch is hard rubber while the grip itself is hard plastic
The on/off switch is ambidextrous and the sensative enough that anyone should be able to activate them.
There is of course a master on/off switch for those times when a laser is not needed. I'm not a huge fan of laser sights but these seem to be about the best I've seen, they are comfortable and reliable. I put 750 rounds through the gun with the sights mounted and they are holding up fine. They maintain zero with no noticable shift.
On the down side,
The grips while notched for an Ambi safety will need to have the safety modified. The tang that fits behind the grip is too long for the grips and will need to be trimmed. Also some styles of ambi safety might hit the raised area of the grip where the laser itself is housed. I had both these issues with my Colt Officers XS. CTC told me a Kimber would not have this problem.
I did replace my Safety with another single side safety to use with the grips.
I do find the grips to be very comfortable and easy to wear. The checkering is flat enough on the points to allow my covering garment to slide over the grips. All in all I would probably buy a set these for myself if I had not received them as a beta test sample. They are rugged and reliable and in the end that's what truly matters on any accessorie you place on your handgun.

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