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Answer the question

The original question was:

Have you walked with your teenage daughter through the mall and made sure she knew the escape routes? Explained how to take cover? Run through possible scenarios? Drilled them...

When you go off from the question onto a tangent about not liking malls, then you miss the question.

I don't have a daughter. I had a son. My son was licensed as a ham radio operator and had his portable gear and survival supplies locked in the principal's office when he was in elementary school in LAUSD.

When the riots came, he was drilled by me in advance as to what to do in case of riot when he was in school and followed those common sense directions and not the last minute thoughts of the Vice Principal when school was shut down in a riot.

The lack of awareness is apparent in malls and not confined to the same.

One day, I came out of a stalking exercise with a sniper scout school class and went that evening to a mall with a girlfriend. The lack of awareness on the part of security and the patrons was clear.

By the way, if Wildalaska thought it through, he would not take out his Taurus and engage. The appropriate response is to take cover (or concealment if cover is not available) and then decide whether you want to shoot the BG in the back (most effective tactic) or to do the PACMAN routine fantasized by people on the internet.
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