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I actually have a defensive scheme for malls....

Heres how it goes: I put on a shoulder length black wig, paint on black
eyelashes, black lipstick (Yes I'm a Guy, just roll with it for a minute)
next I put one of those fake septum rings in my nose and attach it
to my fake earring with a chain. Then I put on ripped up black jeans, a
black shirt (preferably with NIN on it), Ox blood colored Doc. Martins,
and either a black flight jacket or a black duster. As the icing on the
cake I powder my face white. Strap a guitar case on my back, and look
profoundly depressed. I now look so much like the ubiquitous goth teens
that I'm practically invisible. :barf:

When Osama (or Obama, WA whatever your threat) showes up
an opens up on the terrified mall goers, I simply seek cover remove
my 1894c, and my british campaign hat from my guitar case, whip off
my wig replace it with said hat, and line up the first unlucky terrorist
through my 1894c's williams site.

Yeah......I hate malls too.
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