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I am totaly amazed

"forget the stupid vest trick, shooting a handgun with a concrete backdrop only 10 feet away is just asking to get hurt."
You know "cosmolinelover" that same thought went through my mind until one of these BRIGHT YOUNG men stood in front of another bright young man and took a round in the chest.
Then shooting a 223 at a concret wall at 10 feel diddnt look so dumb any more.
I hope the anti-gunners dont get hold of this film, it could be used to talk people into making guns impossible to get (which for these dum a--'s would be a good thing).
I wonder if they left out the part about when the gun diddnt go off so one of these bright young men held the gun up to there face, looked down the barrel and pulled the trigger to see what went wrong.
With stupid people like these, would we really be out that much?
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