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No room to reload?

Having to relocate to an apartment for a couple of years, I've learned a lot about how to make things work. I was just finishing a short reloading session and it occurred to me as I was putting everything away that a lot of people might see all of the REALLY cool reloading rooms that get splashed around (yes, I too AM envious! ) and just figure that they couldn't possibly get into reloading because they don't have the space. I thought that I would put this out there as an example of what can be done if a person wants to. Below is a pic of my entire reloading setup (and about 40% of my reloading bench!) for 4 calibers. Inside the duffle is the press (Lee Hand Press), dies (9x18, 9x19, 40S&W, 22-250), case trimming tools, powders (4 half pound cans for the pistols and 1 pound-and-a-half can for the rifle), a scale (RCBS 505), a Lee "Not so perfect" Powder Measure, a priming tool for both large and small primers, a 50-round reloading tray, safety glasses, more than 100 pieces of brass for each caliber, roughly 1000 primers, about 600 bullets and a powder trickler.

It's no Dillon Progressive and it is not in the least bit a real reloading shop, but it turns out shootable quantities of quality ammo ... and it stores (and goes) ANYWHERE.

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