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Support your local Sheriff

Chaplain John, sorry, but I wasn't trying to pick on the men of the cloth. I post some of these things as I find them. Here's one incident that is very amusing. The writer grew up around Poverty Flats (not its given name), Montana.

"East of the town was Hellgate Canyon, named for its history as a place where one particular tribe would ambush other warwhoops going east for the buffalo before the white man appeared. In the white man's time, in a bitter winter, a bunch of incensed ranchers from around the diggings at Bannock and Virginia City, Montana, rode down a band of brigands in this place despite the fact that the snow was ass-deep on a tall Indian. These lads had been murdering folks for their gold, and in the time-honored tradition of politicians, the local sheriff at the mines was the leader. A rope and pole gate brought this episode to a satisfactory, albeit frigid, conclusion."

So, support your local sheriff - from a rope? Kidding.

Not black powder related but this is too good not to share. I was speaking with a Navy Vet today from the Eversole (DD 789). She was one of the first WW II Gearing Class destroyers to be FRAM modernized with ASROC missiles and a landing deck for a whirleybird. The whirleybird was armed with a dummy wood anti-sub torpedo and was doing a fleet demonstration for watching dignitaries including some Congress critters. Suddenly and unexplainably, while the whirleybird was doing a fly-by over the carrier Bennington, the torpedo broke loose and impaled itself in the Bennington's conning tower. Non-naval shades of red appeared in the ranks of many officers. Needless to say, when the Eversole docked, all officers saved one and many of the involved hands were ordered ashore for an investigation. When the Eversole's skipper returned, he found a carrier painted on the scorecard of the Eversole. Angered at the irreverence of his crew, he ordered it removed. It was but the next day a fresh carrier appeared on the bridge. It was removed again with the same results after the night watch. This continued for about a week all throughout the ship including the whirleybird itself. Finally, an order went out that there would be no liberty if another carrier tag was found aboardship.
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