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I live in DeKalb (howdy, neighbor). I've had a permit since 1981. All they ever say on them is "State Pistol Permit". I have never seen a "qualified" or "unlimited" permit. I guess mine is unlimited, because there is no restrictions. All it has on the back are the 4 basic safety rules.

As far as carry carry in other states, check out the AG website.

I believe there are approximately 20 states that recognize AL permits, including all the surrounding states at this time. Most local gun stores also have a list. Several states wouldn't accept Al permits because they said we didn't do enough of a background check before issuing one.

Our permits cost $25, going to the S.O. for expenses/upkeep of the equipment. ($1 really is ancient: they were $10 back when I first got mine).

"Personal Matters" can keep anyone from getting permits. It isn't exclusive to AL.
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