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I've got 3 PMI 30 round mags, 2 stainless steel, and 1 blue steel. The blue sttel mag works like a charm; the 2 SS mags are new, just got'em a couple of days ago. I have yet to shoot with them, but I think I'm doing something wrong: loading the new ones is very difficult. The follower becomes angled inside the mag column and tends to get stuck. I've tried oiling the springs, the follower, and the inner sides of the column itself, but still the same results.

ANyone have any ideas? I'm hoping that it's because thery're new and this problem will resolve itself once the mags become broken in.

Any tips or advice is much appreciated.

Also, I have a Thermold 30 rounder and it is a quality piece of plastic. Anyone have any opinions on the Ramline AR-15/Mini-14 30 rd. Thermold mags? Is this mag the same one that I have?

Thank you for your time,

John Coleman

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