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He lives in Piedmont (Calhoun)now. Haven't spoken with him in a while but that's how it was in 2002.
From what I understand, that restriction on places that serve alcohol is part of the "discretionary". Resturants.

That discretionary part can make life difficult if the sheriff isn't happy with you. Not an issue now since he falls under the retired LEO category and has other means. From what I understand the issue goes all the way back to like 1962. It's a personal thing.

Here is the applicable section of the Alabama State law:

Section 13A-11-75
License to carry pistol in vehicle or concealed on person - Issuance; term; form; fee; revocation.

The sheriff of a county MAY, upon the application of any person residing in that county, issue a QUALIFIED or UNLIMITED license to such person to carry a pistol in a vehicle or concealed on or about his person within this state for not more than one year from date of issue, if it appears that the applicant has good reason to fear injury to his person or property or has any other proper reason for carrying a pistol, and that he is a suitable person to be so licensed. The license shall be in triplicate, in form to be prescribed by the Secretary of State, and shall bear the name, address, description and signature of the licensee and the reason given for desiring a license. The original thereof shall be delivered to the licensee, the duplicate shall, within seven days, be sent by registered or certified mail to the Director of Public Safety and the triplicate shall be preserved for six years by the authority issuing the same. The fee for issuing such license shall be $1.00 which shall be paid into the county treasury. The sheriff may revoke a license upon proof that the licensee is not a proper person to be licensed.
(Acts 1936, Ex. Sess., No. 82, p. 51; Code 1940, T. 14, §177; Acts 1947, No. 616, p. 463, §5; Acts 1951, No. 784, p. 1378; Code 1975, §13-6-155.)

Alabama is a discretionary issue state and at the county level even more discretionary.

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