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Sam, I feel sorry for your brother-in-law. What county does he live in in NE AL? I'm in Marshall and I recieved my permit within 10min of walking into the station. Also coulda got it in Calhoun CO. in the same amount of time.

Also, how long ago did he try to get the permit. I believe AL is a shall issue state. Anyone that passes instant background check gets a permit. I don't know if AL has always been a shall issue though. He should try again b/c he should recieve a permit as long as he has a clean record.

The "qualified" and "unlimited" I'm not understanding either. Maybe it was a thing they used to do. My permit has no indications of "qualified" or "unlimited" on it. I'm not restricted in any way of carry nor do I need any official qualification to recieve my permit. I just cant carry a gun into places that serve alcohol and courthouses. But that is statewide, not just for certain people.

Tell me about this "qualified" and "unlimited" stuff. What does it deal with? Did you used to live here and they did it to you to?
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