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I never tried the Pro-Ears, but from what they're advertiseing and some users have described, the Aero Peltors work the same way. People don't think they do, probably because they've never tried them is my guess. AP doesn't advertise the feature like PE does might be another reason for the misunderstanding. IMHO they are good, comfortable muffs. Maybe they don't have the extra high protection value, but the they can be used w/plugs to get the same benefit while on the range.

As for the Dillon muffs: I don't know if they are still selling the same model, (maybe it was the HP 1), but when I last saw an issue of their catalog a couple of years ago, they were selling Aero Peltors colored blue w/a Dillon logo on them. They were exactly the same as the tactical 6 or 7s. Dillon just has them made by AP as a contract product and resales them w/a higher price from what I understand. If you want a pair, buy them from one of the bigger distributors like MidWay USA when they are on sale. I got a pair of the compact ones for $120. I had to send them back to MidWay under warantee once, but they replaced them w/a good set. Apparently some were manufactured w/a faulty circit.

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