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The Peltors were real nice. My only experience prior to the Peltors are with a Silencio Mono electronic set. I don't like them. They cut out and stay off for several seconds, click and crackle. I find them very distracting.
The Peltors I tried kept transmitting sound at the preset volume, they just "compressed" the gunfire to that level. No cutting in and out. I thought that was the best thing since sliced bread.
I did not get to try the HP-1 out tonight. The snow and ice that came this morning hindered my plan.
I am planning to use them at an indoor IDPA match this Sunday. That will be the proof of the puddin'. If I don't like their mode of operation I'll call Dillon and see if they will trade them for a set of Peltors.

Neil Casper
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