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no need to get yer dander up.

At this point I'll confine it to the silly "qualified" and "unlimited" categories of permit issued for CCW. Totally discretionary on the part of your friendly county sheriff. And so is issueing a permit at all. My brother in law lives up in your part of the state, respectable business owner, 24 years prior LE experience and can't manage to get an unlimited license, the qualified license has some of the silliest restrictions I have ever heard of, all at the discretion of a 2 bit sheriff who only made it out of high school by being thrown out back in 1963. Seems no one there can get an unlimited license. Sheriff doesn't like them, no one needs to carry, etc.etc.etc.etc.....

It is merely indicative of the rest of the political process there. A little too much Howell Heflin and little too much Boss Hogg. Remember how they got the cancer treatment center in Birmingham? Thats the only way anything there seems to get done.

"It's too late to work within the system,
but too early to shoot the bastards"
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