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[QUOTE]Originally posted by house:
[B]I am looking into geting a good holster for a few of my handguns, but was wondering cowhide or Horsehide. is there a big diffrence in the both of them.
all i can see is the price horse seem to be more expencive.

First of all let me tell you my carry condishions. i carry about 15 days out of a month weather is mild (CA) not ruff so its easy on the gun and the holster. I job is a reserve officer. so i hardley get called on.
please give me your info on both of the leathers. thank you

I have been making concealment holsters for about ten years & I just recently got some horsehide. I haven't made any holsters with it yet, but I have made a belt. Horse is waaay more dense than cow & I think it will last longer. Another advantage of horse is that the "rough" side isn't very rough. This makes it easy on the finish of your pistol without the need for a lining. I intend to make myself a horsehide holster for my new Browning HP as soon as I get caught up on customer orders. I'll report back on how it goes when I get it done...
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