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Well I've used mine for 3 days now, here is what I think:

1) It would work better with something thinner than my USP45 Compact (1.25"), the bottom of the grip prints when I wear lightweight pants. I don't think anyone not in the know would notice this, but I was paying a little more attention to my crotch than normal and it seemed awfully noticable to me!

2) Despite what it says in the instructions about sweat not being a problem, I think they should stitch a moisture barrier between the layers of cloth behind the pistol. After 1 day at work when I barely worked up a sweat, my slide release and the proof marks etched on the slide were spotted with rust. I now give these areas a generous coating of oil each morning before donning the holster.

3) Using a urinal was no problem at all, much to my surprise. Just hold the holster out of the way with the first finger of your free hand, and proceed as normal.

It does the job, I would give it a thumbs up for a thin pistol, but I'm going to look for another deep concealment option.

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