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Specal Agent, as Mark stated it is a holster built with the features I specified when designing the YCS, but will only have the wing slots to work as a pancake. I wanted an OWB holster that I could have made for my longer barreled autos like the Commander, Govt Model, Browning HP, CZ-85, SIG P220, and P226, that had a good rake to allow it to be worn in the 4:30 position. You might think that holster is available from a number of people. The trick is to look at the relationship between the top of the belt and the front of the trigger guard. Most holsters made today are made with the trigger guard almost at the bottom of the belt, the YCO will have a much higher ride. This will make the holster more comfortable while seated in a car and combined with the rake will make a long barrel auto easier to conceal, potentially under a waist length jacket (we will have to wait and see). Mark makes the YCS so it can be worn either way, my YCS holsters are made rough side out for without the belt slots for IWB only. The YCO will be the counter part to what I suppose we should call the YCI.
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