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Just got back from LFI, aside from the fact that I learned A LOT, I received many complements on my M/D holster ( The holster, belt and accompanying mag pouches stood up under pressure and all I can say is that even with my shirt over my G-21, the holster really didn't "print". It stayed close to my side and was quite comfortable to draw. The only bad thing is that the mag pouches weren't as broken in as I would of liked, but I got them out within the requisite time to "qualify". Now that I'm at home, I'm putting what I learned to practice, and the pouches seem to be coming along nicely (just tight enough to ensure good retention without "sticking" on the tactical reload).
Let me just add that I'm a relative novice to pistolcraft, but I was pleased with the quality, reliability and price (~$140.00) of the entire rig. I believe it was listed as the "Special #2", and was made to order by M/D for a G-21.
I looked at other rig's but none came close to M/D's price and now I'm sure M/D's rig equals the majority of holsters on the market if not leads in superior quality.
Saw a Milt Sparks, a Galco and some others at the range (all right-side pistol belt, with accompanying left side mag pouches), compared my rig to theirs didn't see any appreciable difference in quality. Time will tell, but for now I'm sticking to M/D.
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