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I'm surprised Texas and Alabama don't have reciprocity agreements. Arkansas is kinda weird, we have one with Arkansas but Louisiana, like Alabama, doesn't even recognize each other's permits. I don't think Mississippi does with Arkansas either. I heard it said by a gunsmith in Louisiana where I have family that the reason is that Arkansas is liberal in regard to the right of self defense. According to the smith, in Arkansas you can't kill someone in self defense. You have to retreat and run. Only if they have you cornered can you legally shoot them (I have a hunch that was something that came about when Clinton was Gov. My dad, who is from Jackson Mississippi stressed to me that Arkansas used to not be that way). In normal every day states such as Louisiana, Texas and Alabama you can legally kill a criminal in self defense or in defense of your home family and property or of others.
I've heard it said that in Louisiana you can carry in your car without a permit because the Louisiana state consideres the car part of your home.
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