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I carry way too many different makes/models of handguns but here I go:

- Sig P229 (.40 S&W)

- (currently) Steyr S40 (.40 S&W)
- (current BUG) Kahr PM9 (9mm)
- (occasional BUG) Kel Tec P3AT (.380 ACP)
- Kimber Combat Carry 1911 (.45 ACP)
- Beretta 92 FC Type M (9mm)

My off-duty carry is dictated by my dress and mood at the time. I'm "evaluating" a newly purchased Kahr P9 Covert and may make that gun my permanent hot weather off-duty CCW....carrying the P9 Covert and my PM9 will simplify things since I'd only need to carry one type of magazine for both guns.
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