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IC. Well that's interesting to know about illinois but I wasn't especially talking about that state alone but travel in general to all states. I guess the definition is different in different states. I know in Texas, and the federal government it is not treated as a firearm. That's why you don't have to do a background check when you buy one.

On another note about ball and cap revolver not being considered a deadly weapon....deadly weapon can mean a lot of things. My pocket knife is a deadly weapon, heck my belt can be a deadly weapon, as can a hammer or a screw driver. So if I can get in trouble for carrying "a deadly weapon" then we are all in a heap of trouble because half of the common items in your car or even on your person can be considered deadly (that's why many courthouses make you leave your pocketknife in the car and why the Captiol in Washington makes you leave your car keys and unlock control with them because "it can be used as a detinator "
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