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Conceal Carry in other states

Texas and most other Southern states (except Alabama and I think one or two others) as well as several Western states like Arizona, Wyoming and Colorado all have reciprocity agreements that allow you to carry concealed in their states legally. However, suppose you are driving through a blue state like Illinois or something. You need to take off yoru gun, unload it and put the ammo and gun in two seperate locked devices. You are now defenseless.
Or, if you do not have a concealed carry license at all, you are defenseless,

HOWEVER, in both of these cases, what if I did this: I own a black powder 1851 Navy .36 caliber ball and cap revolver. What if I loaded that and put it in between might seats? The law DOES NOT RECONGNIZE these as firearms. So it would seem I would be legal in carrying one of these in my car in any state right?

Or am I wrong.
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