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Pat Rogers
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Mr Rogers was my Dad- my name is Pat.
Your question is interesting, but falls into the apples and oranges catagory.

I don't have one gun. Not all are set up exactly the same way. Technology evolves, and what i use evolves with time.

I also T&E a fair amount of gear- things change according to my schedule and priorities.

Having said that...

I use Colts or LMT only.

Sights are Aimpoint, Trijicon TA31F or S&B Short Dot- all with Larue Mounts

Forends are Larue, SF M73 or KAS RIS

Lights are M910, M600, MU or Larue Battlelight

I use VFG- all TangoDown

Sorry about not being more definite, but that what it is.

Pat sends
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