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maybe I can help

It sounds like the action bar lock may be in the wrong position with the trigger bar. The tigger bar needs to be below the action bar lock before the trigger is pulled. When the trigger is pulled it should raise the action bar lock up so the bolt can be worked to cock the gun again. Remove the buttstock firts. This should relieve the strain on the rear trigger group screw. The uncsrew the rear trigger group screw. Then use a punch to drive out the front pin from left to right. The end of the pin should be flattened out enough to make it not go out but one direction. If it thuds when you hit it with a hammer, drive it out from the other side since it may have been put in backwards on you. Pull the trigger group down and out of the gun. Now look at the bar that comes out on the side in the back facing towards the muzzle, this is the trigger bar. It should be underneath the action bar lock which is the bar pointing toward the buttstock. If it is on top of the action bar lock, use a punch to lift it enough to sldie it back under the action bar lock. This should solve the problem for you, if it doesn't, let me know, you might have a broken action bar lock.
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