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FrankDrebin wrote

That's a dumb idea.


Why NOT hold those who force us to be disarmed accountable for the harm we suffer because they did so?

We decry the Supreme Court decision that says the police have no duty or obligation to assure our safety from crime as individuals. How is this different? We holler that if the USSC won't say that cops HAVE TO protect us and are liable if they do not succeed, we should be allowed to carry our own guns for protection.

This is just the converse of that.

It would be helpful if, instead of making a too-simplistic statement such as "That's a dumb idea," you articulated what you think is dumb about it. Or do you prefer to leave us guessing what you meant? I'm afraid I don't see the point of that, unless it's a cover for you not actually having reasons to think it's dumb. I think it's a good idea. It jams it in the face of firearms prohibitionists the idea that if you won't allow others to defend themselves, you damn well better be taking care of that job yourself!

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