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Hi Rob-

Sam will build you whatever you want on the "off-gun" side. I went with a double canted (your choice of straight or canted) magazine pouch and removable sheath for a Gerber Mk. I knife carried tip-up/handle down.

You could have him build a double magazine pouch with a vertical pouch for a folder, if you desired on the off-gun side.

The suspension system has to be seen and worn to be truly appreciated. The lower backstrap prevents the gun from "following" when it is presented.

IMHO, the wide leather straps tend to print less than narrower nylon straps. My opinion extends to color, too. He usually does the shoulder straps in a medium-brown, cream-colored backstraps, and your choice of holster color. The cordovan looks fantastic and the three colors mentioned shouldn't "shadow" as an all-black holster might in the same application. His light brown (which I have in an IWB holster) is really sharp, too.

Lastly, make sure to get one of his belts! I measured the width of the loops on my casual slacks and jeans and had him make a couple of taper-front belts that are my favorites. His fancy-stitch versions are particularly "non-gun" looking.


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