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Well I don`t carry one as much as I used to, but I still have a nice Black Galco SSII for my Glock 23. The only difference in it and the above mentioned "Miami Classic" is that it has the wide shoulder straps and seems to carry a large or heavy pistol a little better. Other than the wide straps it is the exact same rig.

I remember when Galco International was the Jackass Leather Co. Back then the story goes that one brother was in the womens brassiere business and the other into leather. After being shown the Miami Classic the undergarment brother pointed out that the bigger the objects held, the wider the straps must be or they would cut your shoulder. Alas the Galco SSII shoulder straps were born. I don`t know about the bra, but the wider shoulder strap seems to be more comfortable on a shoulder holster.

It does come in black or tan or did when I bought mine.

I have had the oppertunity to run with it on and never has moved an inch. The earlier post about being a balanced rig is probably the best part. It doesn`t require any strap to hook to your belt or any elastic attachment to make it work if you have the magazine carrier on the opposite side. Mine also has a cuff case below the magazine carrier. It actually wears like a vest.It is quick to put on or off.There is also a very liberal adjustment system to assure a good fit.

I am sure the custom rig described is very nice, but I am going to speculate that it is also quite expensive or at least somewhat more costly.

I am not to sure about the story I included, but the SSII is a real nice rig, of that I`m sure........prosouth
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