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We have discussed spray cleaners in the past but not the chemical make up of those cleaners. I have a can of Kleen-Bore GUNK-OUT and a can of Super-X BRAKE CLEANER in front of me. Can any one tell which is which by the ingredients?
"Contains Carbon Dixoide (CAS #124-38-9), Xylene (CAS #1330-20-7), Acetone (CAS #67-64-1) and n-Heptane (CAS #142-82-5)."
"Contains Acetone 67-64-1, Heptane 142-82-5, Methanol 67-56-1, Xylene 1330-20-7 and Carbon Dioxide 124-38-9."

How much difference is there between the two? Besides the fact one has Methanol and the other does not. Are the ingredients listed the same as the ingredients are listed on food labels, in decreasing amount order or are chemicals listed in no order at all?

CRUD BUSTER sells for about $7.00/can while the same size can of SUPER-X goes for $2.00.

I had been using break cleaner on my handguns for some time with no ill effects on the guns or myself (lotsa fresh air) but went back to the dedicated gun cleaner sprays. If there is no difference (except the Methanol) why should I spend the extra money.

The cans of GUN SCRUBBER do not list the ingredients.

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