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At the possible risk of asking a dumb question, someone care to explain to me what this "shopping experience" is? Seems as if a lot of people talk about it, and not knowing what it is, I wonder if I've missed out on something interesting?

Regarding the Costco letter appearing above, the following is a copy and paste of my response to it.


The following proports to be a copy of a response had from one of your people concerning your "no firearms" policy.

Here is Costco's email reply:

Thank you for your email to Costco Wholesale.

In reference to your inquiry on our policy disallowing the carrying of
firearms in our warehouse stores.
Costco does not believe that it is necessary for firearms to be brought
into its warehouse stores, except in the case of authorized law
enforcement officers. For the protection of all our members and
employees, we feel this is a reasonable and prudent precaution to ensure
a pleasant shopping experience and safe workplace. Our policy is meant
to protect our members and employees in all warehouses around the world.
This is not a new policy and we do not customize the policy for each
individual city/county/state/country where we do business.
Bringing a firearm into our warehouse does not enhance the shopping
experience. We are sorry the message you are hearing is that "we don't
want you." It is the firearms that we exclude in the warehouses, not the


Camille W.
[email protected]


Here and there, in commercial drivel, I've seen references to "the shopping experience", a phrase that frankly leaves me curious. One of these days, perhaps some kind soul will trouble to explain this phraseology to me.

As to the closing couple of lines in your explanation, justification, rationalization or whatever you might choose to call it, you said the following. We are sorry the message you are hearing is that "we don't
want you." It is the firearms that we exclude in the warehouses, not the

If that is what you all really think, fair enough. It sounds phony to me, but it is your store. Having said that, I'm a mature adult, who often carries a concealed handgun on my person, and by the way, I have done so for the best part of 20 plus years. My reasons for so doing are sufficient to myself. Stipulating, as I've already done, that it is your store, I might add the following. Your statement about excluding firearms, not the carriers is so much hogwash.

Respecting your stated position in this matter, I do not currently shop at any of your stores, nor am I likely to do so any time soon, for the only message I can reasonably take away, given your stated policy is that clearly, you do not want me.

One continually makes choices on their way through this life. You have made yours, and I've made mine. There does not really seem much more to be said.
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