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I've been extremely please with the Blade-Tech paddle for over a year now for CCW.

However, the only situation that it can't handle very well is on days like yesterday, where it's cool, but not cold enough for a jacket or coat (55-60+ deg. F), where I am wearing just a SWEATSHIRT over a T-shirt, but don't want to bother with my IWB or fanny pack setup (IWB is not comfortable for me, and all things being equal, I'd rather not wear a fanny pack - and BS's are not easy on/off).

In this situation, I can pull the sweatshirt over the majority of the Blade-Tech paddle, but if you're looking, you can just still see the bottom of the holster out the bottom of the sweatshirt elastic.

Now I have seen really hi-ride BS holsters like that MD Enterprises, I think, so I got to thinking how cool it would be to take a Blade-Tech paddle (or similar paddle), and just crank it up about 2 inches higher for this scenario, which should also handle daily carry just fine.
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