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1. What do you guys think about thinning out a nice set of standard thickness grips to make them thinner.

I was planning to take a set of Tulip wood, (exotic, rather than yellow poplar I think), Kim Ahrends tactical (meaning the checkering covers only half the grip diagonally) grips that have cut outs for the tube and ambi-Dx safety. I want to thin them carefully on a sanding block. The right side should be able to thin more than the left since there is no ambi-dex safety. I'm thinking about using a rotory tool to cut the tube support deeper to allow support with a thinner grip.

BTW Kim recommends against this because he's understandable afraid that it would thin into the deep checkering. He won't do it, but I plan to take a gamble and do it my self. I'll have to be careful not to thin the left side much, but I think it will index better and make a difference.

Q: I'm doing this at the risk of messing up a brand new beautiful pink-yellowish white grain nice set of grips, but its my own $, not at risk to anyone else. Does anyone have any advice (procedure-wise, or other-wise). Has anyone tried this before on stock grips w/tube support?

2. I have some awesome curly maple, white oak, and black walnut that I'd like to make into grips. Kind of like women have a pair of shoes for all occasions.... The extent of my fasion-I'd like to have a set of grips for all occasions. Does anyone know where I can find plans on cutting out grips.? I've got access to a shop smith and drill press, files too. Just looking for best/easiest way to get into the project. Any suggestions??????


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