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There are nuts and incompetents out there who have concealed carry permits. Forbidding every concealed carry permit holder from carrying will eliminate some of those nuts and/or incompetents from carrying in the store
I don't consider that a valid argument. There are nuts and incompetents out there who don't have permits and are carrying guns in their stores.

Also, while I agree a company like costco has, or should have, the legal right to exclude guns, certain people, umbrellas, or tshirts or anything from their premises, they have to consider their market. If enough people make a noise it will be heard, and maybe the policy will be changed. I doubt it.

I'm getting tired of this anti-gun, anti-defense mentality that persists in corporate America even after the WTC and Pentagon attacks. But it's so widespread, I don't know what to do except ignore the policies and do what I think is right.

What a verbose, ass-kissin' bimbo.

Yes, she should quit her job on principle.....
Do I detect a note of sarcasm?

Honestly, I don't think I could send an email like that to somebody. If I had to send something to save my job it would have to end with a thinly veiled message about the lack of metal detectors and concealed carry.

Moot point,'cause Ms.W is not me. It's pretty obvious to me she believes what she wrote.

Gotta say I like this one:

Bringing a firearm into our warehouse does not enhance the shopping
It could. They could put in an indoor range. And a gunshop. That place is huge, I know there's room for one. Giant packs of Captain Crunch, 9mm, hot dogs, and 45acp. All in the same store.


Blockbuster, huh? I remember reading about a shooting in central Florida a couple of years ago. Fortunately, the manager's father was waiting around at closing time armed.

But I'm sure nothing evil could happen in Costco or their parking lot. Safety in numbers, like a school of fish. Shark always gets the other guy.
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