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Bob Jenkins
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This is something we all have to deal with. I am a fairly large individual (6 feet 7 inches tall and 275 lbs). I have a 42 inch waist (I'm not really fat, just short for my weight!) . My problem is that my
pants have a tendency to slide down my waist to the lower part of my stomach (which is smaller than 42 inches). The result is that once they start sliding, they just keep going. I constantly have to hitch up my pants. This became a much bigger problem when I received my CHL and started carrying a pistol on my belt. The extra weight made things worse. I could only tighten my belt so much and it would still slip down.

One day, I was glancing through a catalog and I spotted something I had never seen before. It was a device called HIDDEN TAILOR. I ordered one and it really works! Hidden Tailor is basically a small, latex rubber belt which fastens around your waist before you put your pants on. The outside surface is covered with little soft rubber studs. They say it will fit up to a 45 inch waist but I think it would
probably stretch to 48 inches. When you put your pants on over the Hidden Tailor, your pants are held up by the rubber studs. It keeps your pants up and your shirt tail tucked in! A side benefit is that it helps to "Anchor" my IWB holster in one place and provides a little bit of extra cushion between the holster and my side!

I paid $12.95 for my Hidden Tailor from U.S. Calvary. I have since located it on the Internet for $8.95 at several umpire supply stores. Since umpires are constantly bending and stretching, they need something to keep their pants up and their shirt tails in.

I don't know why this device has not been more widely advertised. I would think there would be a huge market for Big & Tall men and another huge market for CHL. In any case, I highly recommend Hidden Tailor.
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