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James K
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On the range, wait in case of a hangfire. If you do a quick "tap rack" you might find the round going off under your hand or in your face. In a combat situation you may have to take a chance, but a regular range is a place where safety comes first, not a place to spray rounds as fast as you can.

Train as you fight is CRAP, has no place on a regular range, and is a damned good way to hurt yourself or someone else. If you don't have the brains to be able to tell the difference between deadly combat and a range intended for recreational shooting, then you don't have the brains to control any deadly weapon.

If cops want to play those games and shoot each other on their own (lawsuit free) ranges, or you want to play movie "special agent" at some exotic training area, fine, but "shoot now, think later" combat drills have no place on civilian ranges.

And just in case I have not made it clear, I have had experience with "combat" shooters. And the next time some idiot in cammies does a tap and rack with his damned "combat" gun pointed at my guts, I am going to put him in a "deadly combat" situation right then.

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