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Originally Posted by jnojr

If there had been a shooting there, wouldn't that be more of an indication that you should be armed?

And if it was "accidental"... what does the fact that somebody else misused a firearm have to do with me and my sidearm???
Let me restate that:
If there was a shooting in which an innocent person was hit, I could understand the store adobting such a policy. I wouldn't hold that against them.
If there was an accidental shooting, someone hit or not, I could understand the store adobting such a policy.
Many people are scared of guns. If one goes off in a store you better believe management and corportate is going to be dealing with a lot of unhappy customers.
Let say the particular location has issues with gun owners not being responsible, lifting up their shirt and flashing weapons, making threats while armed, adjusting their weapon while in view of others (some may take this as a threat), etc. I could understand the store adobting such a policy.
All of the above would be a result of someone carring a firearm and not acting correctly. It does happen far to often. its not the proper solution, but an understandable one.
Now by saying I wouldn't hold that against them, doesn't mean I would still shop there. I carry a firearm with me almost all of the time. I avoid business that do not allow me to carry.
After some reading and talking with others (some not on this board) I have decided not to shop at Costco.
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