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In NY the course required to qualify for a CCW does include a section on the law - specifically what the NYS Penal law says re: use of deadly physical force. It did NOT include any mandated range time, demonstration of safe handling etc., but plenty of instruction on all that. There is a book/course curriculum that should/could be followed (or atleast the info included) and a certain min. number of hours of class time.

Its been a few years so something may have changed. I am not sure what credentials the instructor has to have - the one I took was NOT by a cop, lawyer, etc. but they must have been certified by someone. I have taught part of the course (not the law part), I was a cop, but not NRA certified or anything - other guys who did the same type of mini sessions were not cops, though the boss/owner was, and most likely a certified (NRA?) instructor. Someone had to approve the (primary) instructor and the material he will cover.

Actually sems weird that a CCW class would NOT cover the law (read and explain it atleast) - isn't it pretty important to teach when you 'legally' can/cannot use the weapon???
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