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Hi Tim,

I know that Pro-Ears advertises what you stated, but I have never noticed a "clip" in my Peltor Tacticle 6. They don't actually shut off, but rather instantly cut down to a safe, yet slightly amplified sound. I compare these to the way a human ear that is taking in loud conversation at a range can hear, but as shots go off in the background, the conversation is faint yet still audible. I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by this. I called the ProEar company and asked about this and they could not give a clear answer to the difference between the two companies electronic muffs. I respect your opinions and was wondering if you could explain it to me/us.

PS: To test the tacticle 6, I turned the TV on and dry fired and clapped my hands while trying to listen to the TV. I repeated the test w/the muffs turned off. The TV sound was almost inaudible at this mode. I repeated w/no muffs. TV audible but perceived volume seemed to change instantly as I claped and dry fired. I DO have a hearing problem which might have flavored the results.

Q: Could you guys who have electronic muffs try this test and report here/hear?


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