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Rosco Benson
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Yesterday, during our weekly Paladin shooting session, Rick Miller and I both shot .380's. I shot my Mustang using my own milk-jug plastic and duct tape pocket holster. Rick shot his Colt Pony, using one of Mike Benedict's Talon Tactical kydex holsters.

The Tactical Talon holster is nicely designed and made. It held the pistol securely and allowed a smooth and quick draw. Personally, I don't have a need for a belt holster for this small of a pistol (if you've got on enough clothes to hide a belt-holstered Pony .380, then you've got on enough to hide a compact 9mm,.40, or .45). To me, the raison d'etre of pistols like the Pony is that they're small enough for pocket carry. However, Talon Tactical makes holsters for the bigger blasters too and, if this little Pony rig is typical, very nice ones.

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