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Thanks for letting me know that they support anti-gun organizations.
I was not aware of that.
By the way, the last couple times I bought anything at Costco was because a family member wanted something they sold (tools, etc.).
Costco does offer some packaged products you cannot find elsewhere.
If someone says I want that blank blank they have at Costco, I will probably get it for them.
I don't like to substitute gifts.
My membership, which was a gift, ran out over a year ago and I have not purchased anything from them since.
I don't see myself shopping there any longer though.
The more I read about Costco, the more I dislike.
I have no complaints about my Sam's Club.

BTW, I have noticed very few firearms prohibited signs in the Phoenix area.
Many carry here, mostly concealed, but open carry is not uncommon.
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