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Costco, Firearms Prohibited

Lets not turn this into a war about companies.
Please keep, this thread strictly to Costco.

I respect a companies right to prohibit firearms in their stores.
What I may not respect is why they made that decision.
I sent an email to Costco asking why this is their policy.
I am doubtful that they will reply honestly.
I am sure I will get a cookie cutter reply that doesn't answer my question; "why did you make this decision?".

I did find this link however (scroll down about half way).

I found these statements
"Costco ownership is helping fund that is not a group that likes guns or gun owners."
"MoveOn contributors from this area include RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser, Costco co-founders Jeff Brotman and James Sinegal, investor James Roush, and software entrepreneur and environmental philanthropist Paul Brainerd."
Anyone know if this is true?

If a store simply chooses to prohibit firearms from their store "because" I will either not do any business with them, or do as little as possible with them.
If they had a shooting, accidental or other, I can respect that decision and continue to shop there.
Although I would still not agree with it, I can understand that decision.

I am just curious on what you guys think about this and maybe find out why Costco makes this decision in many of their stores.
Doesn't seem to be a nationwide decision though.

BTW, I have seen the firearms prohibited signs at two Phoenix area locations.

Another Link scroll about half way down.

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