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One note on fanny packs, if your fanny pack is blue and white, a Penn State patch sewn on to it makes it look less "gunnish". Or if it is orange and white, or orange and purple, a Clemson Tigers patch would be a must have. Get a fanny pack that has the same colors as your favorite sports team and sewn a patch on it, then it is fan merchandise not a gun holster.

If you are not into sports of colleges, then I suggest you get out more often. ERRR, ummm, find a similar idea. I hear fanny packs are comman at Disney World. Why not make a Mickey Mouse or Unckel Scrouge fanny pack? You could also buy your kids Huey, Louie, Dewey, and Webby fanny packs.

Basically try to customise the pack to make it less gun looking.
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